The Elevation Group Review-SCAM OF DECADE?-Or Is Mike Dillard..

Who is Mike Dillard ?

Mike Dillard Elevation GroupMike Dillard is not from a wealthy family.  He doesn’t have a great education.  He was a struggling student who spent most of his summers in making up for his failed subjects in Finance, Economics and Math classes during his college days.His struggles didn’t stop there. After his graduation, he jumped from one office job to another. He stayed in a small apartment with only a bed, a desk and a TV on top of a food tray. To make both ends meet he was forced to work as a waiter just to be able to pay his rentals.  He led a life of struggles. His determination and persistence pushed him forward. His hard work paid off when he became a self made millionaire in just 18 months at age 26. The E.V.G  is not Mike’s first endeavor. He built multimillion dollar businesses over the years.He brought to a group of struggling Network marketers a movement called Attraction Marketing. It was his decision to allow everyone the right and privilege to secret information.

It was on 2010 when Mike made his dream come alive. This man of about 30 brought education to the world about the world’s current economic situation.  Mike offers important information to anyone who desires the truth. He calls it as the “Secret Black Box Investing Strategies for the Ultra Rich”. Mike Dillard experienced the usual struggling story of the ordinary man. His experiences honed him well into becoming the founder of two publishing companies that produces an annual profit of $20 million each. His online newsletter empire has over 1 million entrepreneur subscribers in 65 different countries as of this writing. Mike Dillard is now a self made man. He is a visionary leader.The flunky in Economics is now delivering one of the greatest products to come into the hands of the ordinary man. The one who dared to change the historical past of the super rich is spilling their secrets.EVG is just another feather to be added to his cap of accomplishments,and the Group will continue to help millions of people to have the wealth they deserve.

The Cons of Mike Dillard’s Group


As of this writing, the price for this is $ 597 for the annual upfront payment. If you wish to pay on a monthly basis it will be $ 97/month. This might be expensive to some and cheap to others. It’s actually dependent on how you look at it. Education is expensive, but if you treat it as an investment then it becomes a need so the cost is no longer an issue. The price might already be higher when you read this, but take note that this is meant for those who are truly serious about their money.

No Expert Advisers Outside Of USA

The wealth creation advisers of Mike’s Elevation will not be able to help you in your local area. They can’t practice in your country because they don’t have all the required licenses to do so. They don’t know the local laws in your place.  The only thing they can do is to give you some names of the experts in their field of expertise.  There are already several members overseas who might be of help to you.

Advantages of Joining…

TElevation Group Membership Pricerue power is not with the vast knowledge you have. Not even with the best universities where you got your knowledge from. Neither the several degrees you have earned. True power is manifested in the application of all the knowledge you gained in your daily life. Your course in life will be changed if you will start practicing the lessons you will learn. Experts’ advise?-  Members will get 12 lessons as a start.  The contact detail from whom Mike is getting his daily investment practical advises will be given too. Just imagine, not only their personal email addresses but phone numbers too. Whenever you have a question, you can just ask them and get great recommendations. It’s like having those experts at your finger tips.  If you aren’t rich yet and not even among the circle of friends and associates of these experts you will never have the chance to get those personalized advises for free.

Regular Updates-Another astounding part of this program is you will be getting email updates from Mike.  He will not only be teaching you but will also be sending you updates on what he is doing at real time. Just imagine if he is buying or selling gold at anytime. An email will pop out in your inbox and you will see his message. Some of his messages might read like “I’m buying gold today”, or “I’m buying the cruise ship today”.

With regular updates and lessons on what’s happening daily, the Group is a consistently growing membership site. That is the main reason why when you join you
may never want to leave. Leaving might cost you millions or thousands of dollars, if you miss any information that might be useful and relevant to your crucial decision making needs. Knowledge is power if you have it at the right time when you need it the most.

Cancellation at anytime

You can cancel your membership at anytime you want. You can receive the full refund as long as your cancellation is within the first thirty days after joining. This is also applicable to those who are on a monthly membership. You can still cancel after the first 30-day trial period. If you don’t feel the Black Box course is for you, you won’t be billed for future payments.

The Final Thoughts On This Powerful Gold & Silvers Investment Course

I believed that for the people who know the secret strategies of the super rich, E.V.G is the grandest opportunity for wealth transfer of our time.  Joining it seemed to be so expensive but abstaining to do so will put you in the losing end. As far as I am concerned, The Mike Dillard’s Infinite course is the best investment so far because a simple application of any of the strategies they have will be able to immediately propel you on the most lucrative side of life. So decide on which side will you be putting your hard earned money.  On that which can give you fast return or that which will take you ages to earn. Decide wisely. The decision will always be yours.

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